History of AS

History of AutoSelect Japan

My passion has always been cars, I have been known to do my own repairs and engine modification. For years I have been doing it for friends, they would come to me to have their car tuned for higher horsepower and higher boost. I started off modifying carburetor engines during the early 80’s and I moved on to fuel injections in the mid 80’s. Soon my work became known amongst the carboys in Osaka and the demand for my work grew tremendously.

I founded auto Select sometime in the 80’s to provide my services to the public. In 1985, Auto Select was featured in CarBoy Magazine (during the 80’s it was the trendsetting car tuning magazine in Japan) and the demand for our services skyrocketed.

I always try keep up with the current tuning trend. I try out new things all the time, and we conduct a lot of R&D on our demo cars.
My objective is to make modify the most economic way. Not many people could afford it, so I want to make it affordable for everyone.