Showroom / Garage

AutoSelect Japan

In 2007, AutoSelect Japan has its biggest change in company structure and we moved to the new location where we do business now.
When we were discussing about how the new showroom and garage should be, our main concept was to have "showroom that we can entertain our customers and let them feel comfortable".
At the same time, our technicians needs the garage where they can be concentrated in what they are doing.
So we separated these to facilities by wall.

Showroom where you can feel at home and share passion of AutoSelect.
AutoSelect Japan Showroom

In our showroom, we have spared a space to show our demo car and products closely.
And having the bar is something special to have better communication with our customers, or among customers. You can see 46" big screen on the wall, and we use it to watch motor races, in-car videos to discuss and learn driving technique.
Occasionally we have parties with our customers, and Christmas party is one of the most enjoyable party for our customers as well.

Garage where our technicians can do their best work.
AutoSelect Japan Factory
For AutoSelect Japan, the garage is the top priority to provide the best services to our customers.
On the ground floor, we have some lifts and a lot of equipment to serve our customer vehicles. And we even owns Nissan ConsultIIIplus, the Nissan High Performance Center's authorized diagnosis device.
On the first floor, we have some rooms for building engines and transmissions. This is the most important area for the AutoSelect performance tuning, and the rooms are not open to public.