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03/28/2012 AutoSelect Japan Official Facebook Page

Release date: 03/28/2012 | Category: New Products and Services

AutoSelect Japan runs our official facebook page.
You can receive the latest information and updated activities of AutoSelect Japan there.
Please feel free to join our facebook page by clicking "like" button.

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03/01/2012 Enjoy Shopping on AS Online Store!

Release date: 03/01/2012 | Category: New Products and Services


AutoSelect Japan launches online store.

You can purchase almost all of our product range such as bodykit, suspensions kit, carbon fiber products and accessories. One of the big news about this AutoSelect Online Store is that we start offer tires for Nissan GT-Rs in reasonable price. (Available in Japanese market only).

In terms of the payment scheme, you can choose either bank transfer or PayPal payment. For customers who reside in Japan, you can use COD as well.

Enjoy your shopping at AutoSelect Online Store!

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02/20/2012 Connect AS via facebook!

Release date: 02/20/2012 | Category: New Products and Services

AutoSelect facebook page

Now you can find us on facebook as well.

On AutoSelect facebook page, we will introduce our latest information in terms of new products, our latest activities, JDM and GT-R related news.

We have a lot of stock of videos when we filmed during our race and test on the track, test on the dyno, and show events.

Please feel free to click "like" button on our facebook page, and we look forward to communicate with you!

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AutoSelect Japan facebook page

01/01/2012 AS introduces MY11 R35GT-R AccessPORT.

Release date: 01/01/2012 | Category: New Products and Services


02/01/2011 AS R35 GT-R maintenance program is now online.

Release date: 02/01/2011 | Category: New Products and Services

R35 GT-R向けメンテナンスメニューを公開

R35 GT-R向けのメンテナンスメニューと技術料金等を公開しました。
また、掲載されていない内容のメンテナンスやチューニングも承りますので、何でもご相談下さい。 メンテナンスメニューはこちらから。


01/01/2011 You can use our Wi-Fi connection at our showroom.

Release date: 01/01/2011 | Category: New Products and Services


01/01/2010 AS starts offering R35 GT-R TCM reprogramming.

Release date: 01/01/2010 | Category: New Products and Services

2008年前期、および2010年モデルのR35 GT-Rにおいて、ミッションメンテ・TCMデータの最新リプロが可能となりました。
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