Onsite Service

On site engineering services

Auto Select visits wherever you are when you need our help for your vehicle's performance tuning. We provide from ECM setting service for tuning cars to race car engineering service all over the world.

Eiichiro Sawa, Chief tuner of AutoSelect Japan, has been providing Japanese tuning technologies to performance cars owners by helping our affiliated tuning garages over the world.

Recently, a lot of modified JDM vehicles are exported from Japan, and most of those vehicles has ECM settings for Japanese climate and fuel circumstance. So it seems to be the fact that many JDM tuning car owners are struggling to enjoy 100% performance of those vehicles.

We would like to support these owners and see their smiles, so we have been supporting our affiliated garages by visiting there and provide all of our knowledge and technologies. Actually, it is not only about ECM settings but also about suspensions, engine internal itself, and total tuning car packages.

Also, our on site services are not all about car tuning. We have been supporting our affiliated racing teams in terms of building race cars, building race strategies including tires, suspensions, driving advises etc, and managing racing team itself.

Please feel free to contact us if you have experienced difficulties modifying and setting JDM tuning cars. We are always with you and we are more than happy to visit you to have all smiles!