Tuning Philosophy

AutoSelect Tuning Philosophy
What makes Auto Select Japan different from other tuners?
AutoSelect Japan Tuning Philosophy

We always try keep up with the current tuning trend. We try out new things all the time, and we conduct a lot of R&D on our demo cars.
Our objective is to make modify the most economic way. Not many people could afford it, so we want to make it affordable for everyone.

What’s the highest horsepower AutoSelect Japan have ever achieved in your years of tuning?

For a street driven cars, the highest was about 1000 horses that we did for a customer’s Supra. Horsepower is not that important to us. Having high horsepower is useless if you do not have midrange power.

What’s the fastest you have driven in a street tuned car?

The fastest was about 330 km/h.

Tell us about AutoSelect Yellow Shark GTR demo cars.

Those are our R&D machines, although it is not a street legal machine but it is fitted with stock gearboxes, the setup is very much similar to a daily driven street machine. The Yellow Sharks are used to test all our prototypes.

Any advice on what’s the first and foremost thing a newbie should do to their machine?
AutoSelect Japan Tuning Philosophy

A good braking system, good tires and suspension is primary. Once that done then only proceed to performance parts such as bigger turbos & ECUs. Practicality and Safety is important! Dressing-up the car with aero kits is the last you should do. We always believe the look of the car should always match the speed.

We noticed that the suspension setting in most tuned cars over the world are too hard, it should not be too hard. In choosing a suspension, you must choose one that is suitable for the road condition.