R35 GT-R Maintenance

R35 GT-R Maintenance Program

AutoSelect offers quality services of daily maintenance for your Nissan R35 GT-R. We uses the Nissan ConsultIIIplus, Nissan's official diagnosis device, and make your car always updated and healthy.

For example, we developed our original parts suppliers and we offer our best prices for Nissan OE engine and transmission parts. You can also find how our prices of Nisasn OE Dunlops and Bridgestone tires are reasonable.

So now we have equal or even better quality service compared to NHPC, Nissan High Performance Center, by using the same devices and equipment with our huge amount of experience and knowledge. Our these services are all for our customers satisfaction and we look forward to see a lot of GT-R owners with smile.

Here we introduce basic maintenance program/menu for your Nissan GT-R. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

GR6 GT-R Transmission Maintenance Menu
Transmission Maintenance
Item Hour Parts Price Labor Charge
Transmission Oil (10-11L) *1 1-2hrs ¥ 40,000(HKS)
¥ 60,000(OE)
¥ 8,000
HKS Transmission Oil Cooler Kit 1day ¥ 225,000 ¥ 55,000
Oil Pan Internal, Valve Body Clearning
  • Oil Pan uninstall/install
  • Valve Body cleaning and check
  • Shift Solenoid Valve modification
  • Add-on Clips (unti-wear)
  • Oil change
1day ¥ 1,000 ¥ 75,000
HKS Aluminum Oil Pan *1 ¥ 70,000 ¥ 0
  • Transmission learning
  • DTC check, delete
  • Clutch gap and touch point adjustment
2hrs ¥ 0 ¥ 8,000
TCM data update, reprogramming
1hr ¥ 0 ¥ 8,000
Front Drive Gear *2 ¥ 84,000 ¥ 0
Flywheel Housing replacement ¥ 70,000 ¥ 60,000
※1 This labor charge is not required if we do the other transmission program at the same time.
※2 The price is ¥ 67,200 at the same time when transmission O/H and upgrade.

Tire maintenance
Tire maintenance
Item Hours Parts Price Labor Charge
Tire changes and balancing 1hr/piece ¥ 0 ¥ 8,000/piece
TPMS replacement 0.5hr ¥ 0 ¥ 6,000